Trash Can Cleaning Services

Let Treasure Valley Bin Cleaning Boise do the dirty work for you! Our trash can cleaning services help you to combat those foul smelling and unsightly trash cans. Choose a trash can cleaning service plan below and never have to worry about your dirty trash cans again!.
Our trash can cleaning service area includes Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Kuna, Caldwell, Eagle, Star & Garden City Idaho.
Services are offered February through November of each year.


$ 30
99 Bi-Monthly
  • Cans Cleaned Every 2 Months
  • 6 Washes Per Year
  • Up To 2 Cans


$ 21
99 Per Month
  • Cans Cleaned Once Per Month
  • 12 Washes Per Year
  • Up To 2 Cans


$ 41
99 /3 Months
  • Cans Cleaned Every 3 Months
  • 4 Washes Per Year
  • Up To 2 Cans
Trash Bin Cleaning Boise Idaho

Professional Trash Bin Cleaning

Our truck is customized with specialized equipment to clean trash, recycle and compost bins of all sizes. Our process washes and eliminates odors and reduces bacteria with very hot, high-pressure water. These benefits are maximized when bins are cleaned regularly. Our self-contained cleaning unit captures all dirty water for proper disposal.

trash can cleaning service
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We make it easy.  When you sign up for a plan, you pay upfront and will be able to adjust your service at any time through the My Account link.

We’ll do a MUCH better job than you could ever do yourself.  We clean your trash cans with extremely hot water (up to 200 degrees) under very high pressure.  Also, we use very little water in the process and properly collect and dispose of the waste water safely.

This may depend on where you store your trash cans. Clients who store their cans in a garage, close to a kid’s play area or have to walk by them regularly tend to have them cleaned more often. If you’re not sure how often you might want them cleaned we recommend starting with a quarterly service. You can adjust the frequency of your schedule at any time.

No!  This process uses substantially less water than if you were to clean your own can using your garden hose.  Our truck uses reclaimed water where possible and collects all the water used to wash the cans inside a special holding tank to be disposed of properly per state and city requirements.